Rostislav Vovkushevskiy (2006)
Catalogue of arts & biographical essay – Spb, Publishing house “Kosta”, 2006 – 166 p.
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Leningrad’s Parisian Rostislav Vovkushevskiy

Author of project: Andrey Koshkin, “Cosmos Gallery”

Translation in English: Marina Sinelnikova

Design: Alexander Zaitsev

The album is covered the art of splendid artist Rostislav Vovkushevskiy (1917-2000) from Saint-Petersburg. A lot of collectors and art critics are interested in his art of Soviet period. You can read systematized facts of artist’s life in Rostislav Vovkushevskiy’s album. There are also a lot of arts in order there. All the arts from the book located in a private collection in Saint-Petersburg.