The Founders

  • Alexander Voronin

    Top-manager of one of Russian companies, Doctor of Economics, professor. The Founder.

Consultants & Employees

  • Andrey Tolstoy

    Doctor of art criticism, full-fledged member of Russian Academy of arts. Expert of Russian art of 20 century. Professor of Moscow architectural University, leading research assistant of Research Institute of arts theory and history, Deputy Director of Pushkin Arts State museum. Consultant of the Foundation before 2016.

  • Vitaly Patsukov

    Vitaliy has been working as a Head of Experimental Programs Department of State modern art center (Moscow) and exhibition’s curator. He wrote a lot of articles about modern Russian artist’s creativity including Ilya Kabakov, Grisha Bruskin, Oleg Vasiliev, Evgeniy Chubarov and others. Consultant of the Foundation.

  • William Meiland

    William Meiland – one of the leading art critics in the Soviet Union. In 1996-1998 he was working as a curator of art exhibitions “Art Manedge” (together with Xenia Bogemskaya). Had promoted by opening famous Russian artists like Natalia Nesterova, Tatiana Nazarenko, Natta Konisheva and others. William Meiland had been in cooperation with “Art-newspaper”, was writing a lot of articles and satirical poems. Consultant of the Foundation.

  • Galina Tuluzakova

    Candidate of art criticism, grant holder of Fulbright programme, Deputy Director of Tatarstan State Art Museum (Kazan), associate professor of Surikov Moscow State Academic Art University (Kazan branch). Expert of Nicolai Feshin’s art (exhibition’s curator, author of articles). Consultant of The Foundation.

  • Gregory Klimovitsky

    Art critic. Graduated from Moscow State University (1966). Was working as Senior research assistant of Artists Union Exhibition Department of the Soviet Union. Author of more than 200 art articles. Consultant of the Foundation.

  • Olga Fedorova

    Project coordinator, higher humanitarian education. Graduated from Event-management school. She has been studying at the Art training course (by Ludmila Popova, candidate of art criticism). Foundation’s employee.

  • Irina Pikaleva

    Art-lawyer in the field of the art business

    Moscow attorney society registered №77/3-2958

    Attorney council in Art-business:

    • Legal-attorney services for pieces of art customers, artists, collectors, museums, art-galleries owners in the sphere of settling contractual relations; • Civil-law proprietary right protection for pieces of art etc.

  • Alyona Mamonova

    Art historian.

    Graduated from the undergraduate program at Albert-Ludwig University, Germany at the Department of Art History and Archaeology in 2017.

    In 2016 she was assistant curator in exhibition organization and general management at Kunstverein Freiburg e.V.

    Since 2018 she has been studying for her Master's degree at the University of Fribourg, Switzerland with an in-depth program in medieval art of Western and Eastern Europe.

    Since 2019 leading art specialist in an international project between Russia and Switzerland at ElephanArt Zurich. Duties include: scientific research of works of contemporary and medieval art; writing scientific articles; supervision; planning and organization of exhibitions; advertising and promotion.